India Cultural Foundation Inc. & Hindu Temple Of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Endarō mahānubhāvulu andarīki vandanamulu

“Salutations to all the great men in this world” -  Saint Thyagaraja Swami

1982 - India Cultural Foundation was born

In 1982 a few members of the Hindu community gathered and discussed the need for a place of worship for Hindus and a place to gather for traditional, religious, educational, and cultural activities for the growing Indian population in the City. Subsequently, several meetings were held at Sri. Guru Ganesan's residence to define the organizations goals and vision.

Hindu Temple of Oklahoma

The Goals

  • Build a Hindu temple as a place of worship for Hindus
  • Construct a multi-purpose hall to hold religious, cultural, and educational activities for Indians
  • Establish a library devoted to Indian literature, culture, and religion

The Organization

This organization was named India Cultural Foundation Inc (ICF) and it was registered as a non-profit organization with the State of Oklahoma. The Internal Revenue Services subsequently granted tax-exempt status, under section 501 (C)(3). The first twelve-member board of directors were, Suresh Chandra, Guruswami Ganesan, Hasmukhlal Govind, Narayan Singh Gautam, Surinder Kaul, Kautilya A. Metha, Madhavarapu Vidyasagar Rao, Isaac Samuel, Girish Shah, Ram A Singh, Dilip Solanki and Kalyan Z. Patel with Sri Guru Ganesan as the chairman of the board and Sri Girish Shah as the president of the executive committee.

Hindu Temple of Oklahoma

1983 - Land Was Donated

In 1983, Sri Guruswami Ganesan, Sri N.S. Gautam, Sri Hasmukh Govind and Sri Ram. A. Singh donated 10 acres of land at 7200 N Coltrane in Oklahoma City towards the construction of the community hall and temple.

Board & Committees

Board & Committees = Hindu Temple of Oklahoma

The Board of Directors form the policy making body of the Hindu Temple of Oklahoma. It is the Board's responsibility to manage the temple's assets, including its real and non-real property. Temple operations are managed by the Executive Committee within the guidelines established by the Board.

Board & Committees = Hindu Temple of Oklahoma
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Suppost The Temple - Donate

The Hindu Temple Of Oklahoma is committed to enriching your spiritual & religious experiences. Maintaining our facilities and services requires constant reinvestment. Support your Temple liberally with the greater good in mind.