Board & Committees

India Cultural Foundation Inc (ICF) & Hindu Temple Of Oklahoma City (HTO) operates through two elected bodies:

Board & Committees = Hindu Temple of Oklahoma

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors form the policy making body of the HTO/ICF. The Board exercises control over its real and non-real property making up the assets of the HTO/ICF. The Board shall provide strategic guidelines to the Executive Committee in the operation and management of the HTO/ICF.

The Board consists of nine Directors. The General Body elects eight and the President of the Executive Committee shall be the ninth member of the Board. Four Directors are replaced every two years. Out of these four, two shall be elected from the General Body and the remaining two are elected from top donor category, designated as Grand Patrons and Patrons.

Current Board Members


Vijaya Malpani


B.V. Reddy

Gayathri Dasarathy

Rama Rao Goparaju

Avani Seth

Arun Devakonda

Sanjay Kodam

Anita Verma

Anil Singh

Board & Committees = Hindu Temple of Oklahoma

The Executive Committee

Within the guidelines established by the Board, the Executive Committee shall manage the day to-day operations of the HTO/ICF. The Executive Committee consists of eight members. The term of office of an Executive Committee member is four years. Four members of the Executive Committee are elected every two years from the General Body.

Current Executive Committee


Anil Singh


Sai Mattewada


Sugunan Kunhiraman

Neelima Vajja

Brahmaiah Jarugumilli (JB)

Jayaprakash Nair


Sreedhar Domakonda

Rules and Financials

Click on the links below to download the organization's Bylaws and the Financial Statement.

Temple Services

The Temple provides a variety of services both within the temple and outside the premises. All religious services are provided by temple priests.

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Suppost The Temple - Donate

The Hindu Temple Of Oklahoma is committed to enriching your spiritual & religious experiences. Maintaining our facilities and services requires constant reinvestment. Support your Temple liberally with the greater good in mind.