Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our FAQs contain information to help you understand what to expect and answer common questions. Click on the question to reveal the answer. Feel free to contact us if you still have questions.

Religious Questions

Do you conduct private Archana?

Yes. We conduct private Archana. Please visit the Services page for more information.

Do you conduct recurring Puja daily, weekly, or monthly?

Yes. We conduct recurring Pujas. Please visit the Services page for more information.

Can I sponsor the Pujas?

Yes. You can sponsor Pujas. Please visit the Services page for more information.

Can we bring Prasadam to Temple?

Yes, you can bring Prasadam. We request devotees that bring any Prasadam to be Sattvic (No onion and garlic)

What should I bring when I visit the Temple?

Please bring coconut, fruits, flowers, and any Sattvic Prasad.

Does the Temple conduct Abhisekam?

Yes. We conduct Abhishekam. Please visit the Puja page for more information.

Why are some festivals or Puja celebrated on different days from India?

The Temple Calendar is produced based on the location of the city. After calculating Tithi and Nakshatra end times per local time zones, rules are used to determine the festival dates.

Does the Temple conduct annual celebrations?

Brahmotsavam is celebrated by the Temple. Please visit the Events page for more information.

Are remote Pujas available?

We encourage devotees to visit the Temple. If you are not able to visit, please contact the Priests or Temple Manager for the services required.

About the Temple

What are the Temple hours?

Please visit the Homepage for the Temple hours.

Is the Temple a Non-Profit organization?

Yes. The Hindu Temple of Oklahoma is registered with both the Federal and the State governments. All donations are tax deductible.

Which method of payment do I have to use to donate to the Temple?

We encourage devotees to donate with checks, however, you can also donate online, or with cash. Please visit the Donate page for more information or to make a donation.

Do we get a Year-End contribution statement from the Temple?

Yes, you do. Provided your annual donation is $250 or more.

Do I need to be a member to visit the Temple?

It is not required to be a member to visit the Temple. However, we encourage people become members. Membership fee is only $300 for the family and $150 for a single person.

What are the benefits of becoming a Temple member?

Membership benefits include the following:

  • Three Free Archanas
  • Free Annual Calendar
  • Voting Rights

What puja is being performed today?

Please visit the Puja and the Events pages for specific details.

How do I get Car (Vahana) Puja done?

Please schedule an appointment by contacting the Priest at least one day in advance. Walks-ins are entertained based on the priests availability and weather.

What are the items required for Car Puja?

4 lemons, 1 coconut, 1 flower bunch, and a few fruits. Please visit the Services page for details.

Do you conduct weddings at the Temple?

Yes. We conduct weddings at the Temple. Weddings are conducted only at the Leela Kastigar Hall. Please contact the Temple Manager for details and to make reservations

Are the Priests licensed to conduct marriages?

Yes. The Priests are licensed and authorized to recommend marriage certificate issuance to the State.

Can we donate for Annadhanam?

You can donate towards Annadhanam on the Donate page.

Can we bring groceries?

We encourage devotees to donate toward annadhanam instead.

Do Priests perform shraadh ritual?

Yes. Please contact the Priests.

Do the Priests perform private Pujas ?

Yes. They perform private Puja with a 2 weeks notice. Please visit the Services page for details and the Donate page to schedule a private Puja.

Do the Priests perform out of OKC Metro, in-State and out-of-State?

Yes. Please visit the Services for details. Please book out-of-State puja at least one month in advance.

Can we perform private bhajans at the Temple ?

Yes. Please contact the Temple Manager or the Executive Committee President for details.

Can we have cultural programs?

Yes. It can be conducted in the Leela Khastgir Hall.
Please contact the Temple Manager or the Executive Committee President to make reservations.

What other activities are conducted by the Temple?

Balvikas for children, Vedanta classes for adults, Dance & Music classes for children and adults. Please visit the Activities menu for more details.

Does the Temple conduct and participate in service activities?

Interested devotees can volunteer by contacting the Temple Manager. Community outreach will be discussed, and direction provided by the President. Suggestions and feedback are welcome.

Can we volunteer at the Temple?

Yes. Here are the places where you can volunteer: Photography, Website Maintenance, Kitchen Help, Audio & Video, General Maintenance, Gardening, Temple Calendar, Garland-Making, and other activities. Please contact the Temple Manager or the President to participate.

Is there a dress code for visiting the Temple?

Yes. Please read the Temple Policy.

Are people from other faiths allowed inside the Temple?

Yes. Everyone is allowed inside the Temple. We request all everyone follow the Temple Policy.

Is parking available at the Temple?

Yes. Parking at the Temple is available free of charge. However, overnight parking is not allowed

Do you conduct religious and spiritual classes?

Yes, we do. Please visit Spiritual page for more information.

Do you conduct prayers for the sick?

Yes. We definitely do. Please contact the Temple Manager or the Priests with required details.

What are the languages spoken by the priests?

Sanskrit, English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.
If necessary, we can provide a translator for other languages on prior notice.

Will the temple stay open longer during major festivals?

Yes. You may contact the Temple Manager for specific details.

Is the Temple open during inclement weather?

Please check the Homepage for Temple hours. An email will be sent to all the devotees on the mailing list.

General Inquiries

Are there other services provided to the community?

Help for seniors like getting food, groceries, transportation, getting medicine, and other support that may be required. Please contact the President for more details.

Does the Temple raise donations to support the community during natural disasters?

Yes. The Temple raises donations and all payments are channeled through the Temple.

Does the Temple collect donations for other organizations?

No. However, if one is organized, all the donations are channeled through the Temple.

What kinds of items can I donate to the Temple?

You can donate Vastras and Jewelry. The Temple will provide you with a receipt for tax deduction purposes.

In case of bereavement in my family what needs to be done?

Please contact the Priests as soon as possible. The Priests will provide the necessary advice. Please find below a document containing necessary details.

Does the Temple sell merchandise?

The Temple does not sell any merchandise. However, we do auction Vastras offered to deities yearly.

Temple Services

The Temple provides a variety of services both within the temple and outside the premises. All religious services are provided by temple priests.

Suppost The Temple - Donate

Support The Temple

Suppost The Temple - Donate

The Hindu Temple Of Oklahoma is committed to enriching your spiritual & religious experiences. Maintaining our facilities and services requires constant reinvestment. Support your Temple liberally with the greater good in mind.