Hindu Temple of Oklahoma City - Address and Driving Directions Hindu Temple of Oklahoma City - Address and Driving Directions
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Namaste Devotees,

We are happy to announce that temple will remain open for devotees during regular hours on both weekdays and weekends starting 05/05/2021.
Devotees can bring fruits and flowers as offerings. Wearing a mask and social distancing will be mandatory until further notice. We would like to make your visit and stay at the temple as safe as possible. We would really appreciate your support and cooperation in this matter.
If you have any symptoms like cough, cold or fever, or recently visited any COVID patients, please refrain from visiting the temple.
Please follow the temple guidelines and keep yourself and your loved ones happy and healthy.
Thank you for all the wonderful support and cooperation during these tough times.

ICF / Hindu Temple of Oklahoma

Pravachanas by Acharayajis
In the Bhagavat-Gita, Arjuna became very despondent when looking upon having to battle his own relatives. Just like him, we all are also very despondent now due to the Corona virus and the impact it is having on our lives. Therefore, it is important in these times to once again remind ourselves of God and the presence of God in our lives.
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