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Balavikas Program


The Balavikas program was initiated by Dr. Vijaya Malpani in 1995. In the last decade the program has grown and developed rapidly. Over 150 children had derived both spiritual knowledge and gain the cultural experiences of our heritage.


The objective of the Balavikas program is to teach the children the Hindu epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata; to instruct them in Omkaram, Hindu traditions, the significance of Hindu gods, Hindu prayers and its meanings, yoga, and bhajans; to participate in traditional Indian dramas; to inculcate in them a sense of service toward their elders and the community they live in.

Guidelines and Rules

Children must be enrolled prior to starting Balavikas classes.

A small nominal donation is encouraged be paid before every semester to the Hindu temple of Oklahoma.

Parents who are enrolling their children for the first time have the option of either enrolling at the beginning of each semester or in the middle of the school year.

Parents will be responsible to help their child/children to catch up with all the chapters they have missed if they chose the latter option.

The Balavikas program follows the school year from September to May, which includes a fall and a spring semester. The program also incorporates a summer semester.

Children must be dressed modestly and appropriately. Please ensure that the girls are dressed comfortably since they will be practicing yoga. We prefer the girls not to wear shorts.

Parents need to ensure that their child/children have their folders for their Balavikas lessons.

Parents are not allowed in the classroom without the prior permission of the teacher.

Absolutely no running and yelling by the children in front of the altar of the temple.

Parents are expected to teach their child/children that the temple is a place of worship and not a playground.

The quarterly service projects are part of the Balavikas curriculum. All the children and their parents are expected to participate.

Parents must read or discuss a chapter with their child/children before each lesson.

There will be a year end quiz in May.

The Balavikas program is a team effort that involves the teacher, the child and the parent. Therefore all parents are encouraged to take an active interest in their child�s/children�s lessons and activities.

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